Using the Waltti webshop

You can use the Waltti webshop to load your travel card without registration, or you can register and create your own user account. You can also select a language (Finnish, Swedish, English).

Every public transport authority decides itself which types of tickets can be loaded onto your card online. You can check the ticket types on your local public transport authority’s website.

Using the webshop without an account

Enter your travel card number (found on the back of the card) and your operating area. You can now purchase ticket products for your card.


If you wish to register and create a user account, you can do so via the registration link on the front page.  Registration requires an e-mail address and password. Registration also requires that you accept the terms of use of the online service.

Waltti updates may be sent to the e-mail address you provide upon registration if you give the service permission to do so.

When you log in to the service, you will see the cards that are linked to your account and you can go directly to the webshop by selecting a card.

User account

Your user account contains your user-specific information. You can use the account to connect cards to your profile. Once a card is connected to a user account, the card can be loaded directly and there is no need to separately add it. You can also view previous purchases using your account.

When logged in, you can add or remove cards from your account and change your e-mail address or password.

If you wish to change the e-mail associated with your account, enter the new e-mail address in the “e-mail” field. A link will then be sent to your current e-mail address for you to approve the change of e-mail.

If you wish to change the password for the account, enter the new password and then confirm the new password by entering it again.

Adding/removing a card from a user account

  1. Enter a name for the card.
  2. Enter the card number. The number can be found on the back of the card.
  3. Choose the public transport operating area.
  4. Save the information.

The card has now been added and is visible in your user account. You can remove a card by clicking the “delete” button.

Loading a card

When logged in to the webshop, you can see the cards that are connected to your profile. If you wish to load another card, but you don’t want to add the card to your account, you can add it only to the current order. You can add the card by entering the card number and operating area.

You can simultaneously purchase a season ticket and value ticket for a card, or if you wish, you can purchase only one ticket product. You can load two season tickets onto a card, although the second season ticket can only be loaded once the first has been activated in a vehicle.

The period of validity starts from the first time the ticket is used. Please load your card online in good time before you need to travel because there is delay before the ticket can be read on the bus device. After about 2 hours you can load the products on a public transport bus of your public transport authority area but in inter-municipal and rural traffic the data transfer may take up to 1 to 3 days. Read the terms of use to check limits/restrictions for your public transport.

Select a product, add it to the shopping cart, and accept the terms of use. You can then continue shopping and purchase other products or change card. Please note that you can only purchase products for the same operating area in a single order.

In your shopping cart you can see the product(s) you have selected, the price of the product(s) and the total price. Before selecting a payment method, you can browse the Waltti webshop freely without losing the products in your cart.

You can change the content of your card and even remove products before selecting a payment method.


Before selecting a payment method, provide an e-mail address to which you will be sent a receipt. Select a payment method and then click to complete payment via Paytrail then pay with the payment options offered by your public transport authority.

The public transport authority can offer payment by invoice. If you choose the invoice press AfterPay button and follow the instructions. If you choose to pay by AfterPay invoice, you will receive a monthly invoice for your purchases. An invoice fee of 2.90 € will be added.

After payment is successfully completed return to the Waltti webshop and you will be notified that the purchase was successful. A receipt for your order will also be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

A new Waltti travel card?

If you need a new travel card, order it by clicking the link on the front page. However, a different username is used on the service, because it’s produced by a different partner.

If you have any problems or questions about the travel card or loading, please contact your area’s public transport authority service point.

You can find contact information for service points in the bottom toolbar of the Waltti webshop (Contact).