Frequently Asked Questions


How do I use the Waltti web shop?

The Waltti web shop is an online store shared by all Waltti cities’ public transport services. You can use the web shop to load products onto your travel card, purchase a personal travel card, or purchase a pass to use city bikes (currently in use in Oulu).

Do I need to register on the Waltti web shop?

You can load products onto your travel card by registering and creating a user account on the web shop, but you do not need to register to use the web shop.

Registering will allow you to use all features of the Waltti web shop, as well as any personal benefits. Registration is always required for the use of city bikes.

If you wish to register and create a user account, you can do so via the registration link on the front page.

Travel Card

Will registering benefit me?

When you register, you will create a user account where you can see all of your personal information and all of the Waltti services available to you. You can use the account to connect cards to your profile, for example. Once a card is connected to a user account, the card can be loaded directly and there is no need to separately add it. You can also view previous purchases using your account. When logged in, you can also add or remove cards from your account and change your e-mail address or password.

What cards can I load on the web shop?

You can load all personal or multi-user Waltti travel cards on the web shop.

Why doesn’t a product I loaded onto the card show on the bus card reader?

A loaded product will be transferred to the travel card once the loading has been successfully activated on a bus card reader or at a service point. On average, the purchase takes around two hours to activate on the selected region’s public transport buses, but in some exceptional cases it can take 1-3 days for the information to be transferred to the vehicles. You can check the terms and conditions of the online loading service to find out the length of the delay in your area.

There is also a delay in updating use of the Waltti travel card on the web shop.

Can I order a new travel card on the web shop?

You can order a personal travel card for yourself or a child under 17 living in the same household.

How long does it take for the card to be delivered?

The travel card will usually arrive at the address you provided within 7-14 days.

How can I start to use a travel card that I bought on the web shop?

If you loaded a value or season ticket onto the travel card when you bought it, the card will be ready to use as soon as it arrives.

Can I buy a multi-user travel card from the web shop?

Only personal travel cards can be purchased from the web shop.

I’ve lost my travel card. Can I cancel the card on the web shop and order another one?

If you lose your personal Waltti travel card, contact the service point in your area to cancel the card and transfer any unused journeys to a new card.

Can I order a travel card for my underage child from the web shop?

You can order a personal travel card for yourself or a child under 17 living in the same household.


What payment methods can I use on the web shop?

You can choose from the payment methods accepted by your public transport region (online banking, bank card, MobilePay, or invoice).

City bikes

What is the city bike service and where can I use the bikes?

City bikes are shared bikes that users can access at bike stations. City bikes should primarily be used within the city bike network. City bikes are currently only available in Oulu. The new cycling season for the Oulu city bike 2020 will be announced in the near future.


How do I access a city bike?

Register as a city bike service user in advance on the service’s website. You will not be able to use the bikes if you have not registered. Register at In order to register, you will need a bank card, your phone number and your e-mail address. When you register, you will receive an email containing a personal cyclist number and a PIN code which will allow you to access the city bikes.

If you like, you can link this service to your Waltti card, which will allow you to access city bikes by simply placing the Waltti card on the card reader and entering your PIN.

You can purchase a pass to use a city bike for a day, a week, or for the entire season. All passes include an unlimited number of 30-minute bike rides. For a small additional fee, you can use the bike for longer, up until a maximum of five hours. After you have used the bike, return it to the bike station.

Is the service age-restricted?

There is no minimum age restriction for service users. Children under 13 require permission from their parent or guardian. The user or the user’s parent or guardian are responsible for ensuring that the user is able to safely use the service; for example, making sure that the bike is a suitable size for the user and that the user is familiar with traffic rules.

Why do I need to link my payment card to my city bike account?

Your payment card is used to purchase a pass to use the city bikes and to pay for any additional fees. Additional fees are charged for individual bike rides that last in excess of 30 minutes, as well as if you use the bike for more than five hours.

What payment cards are accepted and can I change my payment card?

Payment cards that are currently approved are Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, and Visa Electron cards.

You can change your payment card on the Waltti web shop in the User information section under payment card linked to account.

Where can I find more information about the city bike service, and who can I contact if there is a problem?

More information is available on the Oulu city bike service website ( The website also provides links and contact information for customer services and user feedback.