Terms of use


You can use Waltti Mobile to buy tickets for chosen public transport area and use the journey planner. Tickets are valid on chosen regional transport’s buses and its traffic zones. All Waltti Mobile tickets work on mobile phones and are not loaded onto Waltti cards.


The ticket will become valid as soon as the purchase is accepted. Make sure that your ticket is on your phone before you get on the bus and that your phone displays the correct time. Scan the QR code at the reader when you get on the bus. If necessary, show a valid ticket to the driver/ticket inspector.


Payment is accepted using Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard cards (debit and credit), for which online payment has been enabled. Receipts for your purchases are visible in Waltti Mobile.


Ticket purchases cannot be cancelled. Check that you have selected the correct zone and age group before confirming your payment.


A ticket grants unlimited travel in the selected zone(s) for the duration of the ticket. You can change to another bus during the ticket validity period, which can be seen on the tickets tab.


Once the ticket expires, you may finish your journey within the ticket’s validity zones, but you may no longer change bus.


If your phone shows the incorrect time, or the application is closed and there is no internet connection, it will not be possible to show an up-to-date ticket. This means that the ticket is no longer valid.


It’s worth registering with the service because registration ensures that your purchased tickets are saved.


Waltti Mobile is part of the public transport authorities’ national Waltti system. Waltti Mobile customers’ data is saved on the Waltti online store service customer register (kauppa.waltti.fi) and on chosen public regional transport’s customer and card register. A personal data file in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is formed in the service and on its background component systems. The controller is TVV lippu- ja maksujärjestelmä Oy/ chosen public regional transport.


The customer must accept valid terms of use for TVV lippu- ja maksujärjestelmä Oy’s (Waltti’s) service and for purchased tickets (chosen public regional transport). Customers can check the terms of use for the service in the settings tab.


Waltti Mobile tickets are accepted:


Have a pleasant journey with Waltti Mobile!